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8 May

Silver Diamine Fluoride

                                                       Silver Diamine Fluoride
     At CPWPD, we are doing our very best to fight the fight against dental cavities. Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dental caries is four times more common than asthma? And, it is also the number one leading cause of disease in children? Silver diamine has been used worldwide for many years in countries where dental care is not readily available and has been slowly but surely reaching its way to the US.
     Silver Diamine Fluoride is an FDA- approved procedure that is aiding in preventing cavities from getting larger which is especially helpful for the younger and not so cooperative children. In an article written by the AAPD, “the most effective treatment was 38 percent SDF twice per year, which led to nearly 80 percent reduction in both caries progression and subsequent caries on treated teeth…”.  This innovative product provides antimicrobial properties which helps prevent tooth structure from further demineralization.  After the placement of the clear liquid on the tooth structure, the cavity is “arrested” or hardened, to prevent it from getting larger.
          The silver diamine fluoride will turn that lesion black, allowing dental professionals to identify the lesion after placement. Unfortunately, the aesthetic component of SDF steers parents away from having it placed, especially on anterior teeth.
                                                      (Before/  After application)
       The benefits of SDF outweigh the risk of caries progression and spreading of bacteria to other unaffected teeth. If you think your child can benefit from this minimally invasive, quick, and less expensive procedure, please call our office today to schedule a consultation!
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